Reopen Your Business Safely: Mesa Water Advises Businesses to Flush Their Water

Posted: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) is dedicated to providing you 100% clean, safe, and reliable water. As we work together to soon reopen our community, we encourage business and property owners whose facilities have remained unoccupied to prepare their facilities for returning staff by flushing their internal water system prior to occupancy. 

Flushing involves opening taps and letting the water run briefly to remove water that has been standing in the interior pipes or fixtures. This will help to ensure the quality of your water by bringing in fresh water from the Mesa Water system. Consistent with the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mesa Water recommends the following steps to refresh your facility’s water: 

  • Flush hot and cold water through all points of use (e.g. sink faucets, and hose bibs) for a sufficient amount of time until the hot water reaches its maximum temperature.
  • Locate all water outlets that are used for consumption. Open all kitchen faucets, and other faucets used for drinking or cooking, and let the water run for about one minute.
  • Flushing may need to occur in segments (e.g. per floor or individual rooms) depending on the facility’s size and water pressure. 
  • Ice machines may require additional cleaning in addition to flushing, such as discarding old ice and removing the new ice for 3-5 cycles. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Open valves at all drinking water fountains without refrigeration units and let the water run for about one minute.
  • Ensure safety equipment is clean and well-maintained. This includes fire sprinkler systems, eyewash stations, and safety showers. Regularly flush, clean, and disinfect these systems according to manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Ensure your water heater is properly maintained and the temperature is correctly set. Ensure that all maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check your irrigation system. Now is a great time to adjust sprinkler heads and check that your sprinkler timers are set properly. For a recommended watering schedule, visit

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with excellent water service. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call our Water Quality Department at 949.207.5491.

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Mesa Water is fully engaged in ensuring your tap water is clean, safe and reliable 24/7.