How do I start/stop my water service?

Please call 949.631.1200. This action requires 2 days notice.

Where/How can I pay my bill?
  • View, Pay, or Update Paperless options by following this link
  • By mail by sending payments to:  Mesa Water District Payment Processing Center P.O. BOX 6513 Pasadena, CA 91109
  • In person at the District office located at 1965 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Online payments can be made at the District Office*
  • Credit or Debit Card online by following this link, or by calling 877.493.5093
  • The Drop-off Box at the District office to the left of the office front door

*Please note: Payments made at unauthorized payment centers may experience delays in receiving payments.

How do I switch to paperless billing?

To select paperless billing, customers can update their preferences by logging on to their account through our online bill payment portal.

Why is my water bill higher this month?

There are many possible causes for higher water consumption that may be reflected on your bill. Many customers increase their water consumption in the summer months by watering gardens, washing cars, filling swimming pools, etc. Consumption increase may also result from a leak or plumbing issue in your home. Check toilets and faucets for defects and have them repaired immediately.

What can I do to lower my water bill?

Use these tips to improve your water use efficiency

When is payment for my bill due?

Your bill is due and payable upon receipt. Accounts not paid by the due date on the bill will be sent a delinquent bill and charged a late fee. If you are unable to pay this bill by the due date, please call 949.631.1200 to discuss payment arrangements and to avoid water service shut off.

What should I do if I have a question about my bill?

Please call Customer Service at 949.631.1200. Any dispute of your water bill must be reported to Mesa Water within 10 business days of the date billed or the bill will be considered acceptable and payable.

How is my bill calculated?

Visit our Rates & Fees page for a breakdown of charges.

How do I obtain temporary water service for construction?

Complete this form: Permit Application for Temporary Water Service/Hydrant Meter to rent a meter that Mesa Water staff will install on a fire hydrant. Email the completed form to A staff member will contact you with the process for paying the deposit.

How do I read my water meter?

Your water meter is read from left to right, just like a car odometer. Your meter reads in cubic feet. 1 cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallon.