Mesa Water Dedicated to Efficient, Cost-Saving Operations

Posted: Monday, October 23, 2023

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) proactively incorporates new technologies and adapts processes to maximize operational efficiencies that save ratepayers’ money. As part of its comprehensive Production System Operations Plan, operations staff utilize a unique water optimization tool weekly that looks at the supply forecast for every Mesa Water production source and aids the team in running each of them in the most efficient way. This includes maintaining optimal reservoir levels, balancing well sites, and monitoring the groundwater basin pumping percentage to determine what resources are necessary, including the optimal time to run the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (which supplements about 15% of our water supply), which lowers operating costs.

Similarly, Mesa Water’s award-winning Pipeline Integrity Program uses pipeline condition assessment to maximize useful life, resulting in cost-savings for customers. The condition assessment data allows Mesa Water to keep pipes that are in good condition in service and replace those that need renewal. The program also aids the district in developing a long-term infrastructure budget plan, and will save Mesa Water an estimated $230 million over the next 30 years.

Through forward-thinking planning and innovative programs, Mesa Water remains operationally efficient and fiscally responsible.