Mesa Water Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Providing Customers 100% Local Water

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

For more than 60 years, Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) has had the privilege of delivering high-quality water to our customers. This year, Mesa Water is celebrating its 10th anniversary of providing 100% local, reliable, clean, safe water – the only water district in Orange County to fulfill water demand entirely from local groundwater supplies.

In Mesa Water’s early history, we relied exclusively on imported water from Northern California and the Colorado River Basin. Today, Mesa Water only uses groundwater that is pumped from the Orange County groundwater basin via Mesa Water’s seven wells. The basin is replenished with water from the Groundwater Replenishment System managed by the Orange County Water District.

Mesa Water Reliability Facility Contributes to 100% Local Supply

Mesa Water’s Board of Directors, known for forward-thinking planning and investments, took significant steps to ensure local water reliability by authorizing construction of the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF).

Raw water that meets all water quality standards is pulled from deep below ground by the MWRF’s two wells. The water has an amber tint. The color comes from ancient redwood trees, which grew along the Orange County coast more than 100,000 years ago. The trees decayed under the surface of the earth and colored the water in the deep aquifer. Using state-of-the-art nanofiltration technology, the amber organic color is removed and the clear water is added to our water supply.

How 100% Local Water Benefits Mesa Water Customers 

  • Local water costs less than imported water because there are higher treatment costs for imported water and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to bring imported water to Orange County.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions – Mesa Water’s carbon footprint is about half of what it once was when the District was more reliant on imported water.
  • Local water is reliable and less subject to cutbacks due to recurring drought.

Local Water = Customer Savings

  • Local Water = $603 per acre foot
  • Imported Water - $1,143 per acre foot

    An acre foot = 326,000 gallons

The lower cost of local water helps protect customers rate volatility an keeps rate adjustments incremental.