Leak Detection Program Reduces Water Loss and Increases Water Supply Resiliency

Posted: Monday, October 31, 2022

Mesa Water is among 18 water retailers participating in the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s (MWDOC) Distribution System Leak Detection Program, now in its fourth year. The program helps Mesa Water reduce water loss by detecting leaks on the water distribution main lines, meter connections, and other fixtures. Technicians use acoustic leak detection technology to locate leaks before they surface, shortening their runtime, avoiding collateral property damage, and saving hundreds of acre-feet (AF) of water per year. The data gathered highlights that Mesa Water’s infrastructure is in excellent shape.

“Mesa Water has surveyed nearly 200 miles of our service area, helping reduce water loss by more than 33 AF of water per year and almost $30,000 in avoided water costs per year,” said Mesa Water District General Manager Paul E. Shoenberger, P.E. “Our customers have also benefitted from the program, saving nearly $17,000 on their water bills after repairing leaks found by MWDOC. Mesa Water is a proud early adopter of this program and plans to continue to utilize leak detection services to provide reliable, affordable and safe drinking water as efficiently as possible.”

The program has helped fix nearly a thousand hidden leaks throughout Orange County since 2019 and helps local agencies comply with upcoming water loss control regulations currently being developed by the State Water Resources Control Board.