Investing in Infrastructure and Supply to Ensure Water Reliability for Generations to Come

Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) continually invests in maintenance of its infrastructure and water supply projects to deliver nearly five billion gallons of local, clean, safe drinking water to residential and business customers each year. Say hello to our operations staff when you see them around town working hard for you!

As part of its Capital Improvement Program Renewal, Mesa Water has the following projects in motion to ensure a reliable water supply for future generations.

Mainline Valve Replacement Project

The Mainline Valve Replacement Project began in late July to replace 73 mainline valves in the distribution system, in residential and commercial areas of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2023.

Due to this work, some customers located near the valves being replaced will have their water service shut off for a few hours. Affected customers and businesses will be notified in advance of the temporary shut off.

New Wells and Pipeline

Construction is currently under way for two new potable (drinking) water wells. The 1,000-foot deep wells will allow Mesa Water to increase its local water production capacity, and are expected to be completed in Winter 2022. The two wells will be connected to the existing distribution system by a 4,500 linear foot pipeline.

Reservoirs Upgrade

Work to enhance two of Mesa Water’s reservoirs is also taking place. Upgrades, which are expected to be completed by Summer 2024, include implementing a reservoir chemical management system that will allow increased reservoir storage helping to manage peak water demands, and updating pump stations to improve Mesa Water’s distribution system.

For more information, please contact our construction outreach team at 949.354.4278 or