The importance of being waterwise

In Orange County, as much as 60% of an average household’s water is used outdoors. That alone is proof that your landscape is the first place to look for improving efficiencies. Landscape design and maintenance can and should be water efficient. Look around your neighborhood and see who has replaced an underutilized water-thirsty lawn with an attractive water-sipping California-Friendly landscape (or visit Mesa Water’s Demonstration Gardens).

Mesa Water customers are among the most efficient users in Orange County. Residents of Mesa Water use on average 91 gallons per person, per day! This is a significant improvement over past decades. Using water wisely today ensures that we continue to have a reliable and cost effective water supply in the future.

Did you know that treating and delivering water requires the largest use of energy in California? Using water wisely is a great means of being environmentally friendly. Your positive efforts reduce the production of climate changing greenhouse gases.

Follow these tips and check out Mesa Water’s services and incentives to help you become a Mesa Water Saver!