Mesa Water’s Engineering Team Ensures Safe, Efficient Water Infrastructure

Mesa Water®’s top priority is to provide a safe, abundant, and reliable water supply for our community. Assistant General Manager, Phil Lauri, P.E., and the engineering team oversee infrastructure to support those goals. They design and develop our vast system of pipelines and wells, as well as monitor performance and improve efficiency. Currently, we are wrapping up a three-year well automation project that extends the life and efficiencies of Mesa Water’s five clear well system. Additionally, our team will also be working on the OC-44 transmission line rehabilitation project that will improve a major underground water pipeline that runs 8.3 miles from the San Joaquin Reservoir in Newport Beach.

Infrastructure projects like these require significant planning and investment. In order to maximize efficiencies, the engineering department relies on an outside network of contractors and consultants to streamline much of this work and keep water rates low. In addition, our in-house team works closely with the state water board on approvals and permits, as well as with regional agencies and water producers on water forecasting, long-term planning, and water policies.

Our engineering department is the place to go for plan checks. Department Assistant, Lauryn Dickinson, is the front line of this important customer service role, with senior engineers, Karyn Igar, P.E., and Mark Pelka, P.E., working behind the scenes.

With more than 50 years of combined civil engineering experience, our engineering department helps ensure our customers have safe, secure and local water for well into the future.