Check for Leaks

Your water meter is usually located between the sidewalk and curb under a cement cover. The meter reads straight across, like the odometer on your car. Read only the white numbers (0895). If you are trying to determine if you have a leak, turn off all the water in your home, both indoor and outdoor faucets, and then check the dial for any movement of the low-flow indicator. If there is movement, that indicates a possible leak between the meter and your plumbing system.

How to read your water meter

  1. Low-flow indicator – will spin if any water is flowing through the meter.
  2. Sweep hand – Each full revolution indicates that one cubic foot of water (7.48 gallons) has passed through the meter. The markings at the outer edge of the dial indicate tenths and hundredths of one cubic foot.
  3. Meter Register – Similar to the odometer on your car. The numbers keep a running total of all the water that passes through the meter. It indicates the cubic feet of water that has passed through the meter.