California's Ongoing Drought

The statewide drought required all Californians to focus on conservation and making long term changes in water use efficiency. We’d like to thank our customers for taking extra steps to reach Mesa Water’s state-mandated 20 percent conservation goal. We surpassed the goal in February 2016 and customers continue to use water efficiently.

New rules require Mesa Water to verify that it can meet the water demands of its service area for the next three years. Thanks to investments made in local reliability projects, Mesa Water is confident that its supplies will meet the water needs of its service area beyond the new state requirement.

As such, Mesa Water has lifted the outdoor watering days rule, allowing residents and businesses in its service area to choose the day they water each week. During the cooler winter months, we recommend limiting watering to one day a week. Watering must take place before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. All other rules remain in effect, including immediately repairing leaky fixtures, no watering during rain or 48 hours after, and no watering sidewalks and driveways, among other rules.

Other Outdoor Watering Rules

  • No watering during or 48 hours following measurable rainfall

  • No watering pavement, and no water runoff to sidewalk or street

  • Immediately fix leaky or broken sprinklers, valves and pipes; and more.

For the full permanent conservation ordinance, resolution, and a complete list of watering rules, click here.

For water-saving ideas, visit our section on conservation and rebates, and connect with us on social media via Mesa Water’s FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube pages. We also have Mesa Water speakers available to talk with your community group event and/or HOA meeting.

Report water waste in the Mesa Water Service area through the online form so that our staff can help address the issue. Tips are anonymous.

Water Resources

Several resources are available to keep you up to date on the drought:

State information is available through the California Department of Water Resources.

For local realtime rainfall updates, visit OC Public Works.