The Value of Water

Water in Southern California is of a limited supply and subject to increasing demand. In fact, the continuation of our economic prosperity is dependent on the availability of adequate and cost-effective supplies of water. Families need water for their homes, and businesses need water for operations. Efficient use of existing supplies and creation of new water resources are the key to maximizing the amount of drinking water available.

Mesa Water’s strategy has always been to promote the efficient use of water with incentives and to discourage waste of this valuable resource.

We Appreciate Mesa Water Customers Doing their Part

Did you know that the majority of water used in the Mesa Water service area is outdoors? 

Here in sunny Orange County, anytime is the perfect time to create a beautiful, drought-tolerant landscape and preserve drinking water supplies. You can take on garden projects that use water wisely while beautifying your yard.

Mesa Water offers customers tips, tools and rebates to tap into your water sense… and save you cents!

Save Water and Money

Residential Customers:

Look for WaterSense and EnergyStar labels to help you identify water-saving products for both indoor and outdoor use. To earn these labels, a product or service has been certified to be at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance. These options provide the same quality you’ve come to expect with the added benefit of being water smart.

Commercial Customers:

Simple changes can save water and energy. Try these easy fixes:

  • Install High-Efficiency Toilets or Ultra-Low Flow Urinals
  • Update Landscape Irrigation Timers
  • Use Air-Cooled Ice Machines
  • Check Out Available Rebates

Download Mesa Water's Recommended Watering Schedule for guidance with your outdoor watering.

Thank you for being Mesa Water Savers!