Neighborhood Chats are one way that we stay connected to the community we serve, and provide answers to your questions about our water and the District.

Mesa Water representatives meet with community members for a two-way dialogue on important issues, including the District’s development of local and reliable water supplies, ongoing water use efficiency efforts, and the exploration of opportunities to serve customers more economically, effectively, and efficiently.

Please check back for a schedule of Neighborhood Chats coming soon.

Frequently asked questions at the Neighborhood Chats from some of our customers, are below:

Where does Mesa Water’s water come from?

Mesa Water is proud to provide 100% locally sourced ground water. Groundwater or well water is pumped from the Orange County groundwater basin via Mesa Water’s seven wells. Additionally, Mesa Water pulls water from deep below the ground, which comes out with an amber tint from ancient redwoods, at our Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF). Mesa Water has age dated the amber water and it is 12,000 years old. Mesa Water uses state-of-the-art nanofiltration technology at the MWRF to remove the amber color and adds the clear, purified water to its water supply.

To learn more click here.

How can I be certain my water is safe to drink?

Mesa Water provides high-quality, safe water that meets and surpasses all state and federal drinking regulations. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the California State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water set drinking water standards. Mesa Water conducts approximately 30,000 tests each year to ensure that the water we provide meets and surpasses all state and federal drinking water standards. These standards are also outlined in our 2021 Water Quality Report. It explains where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to federal and state regulatory standards.

Can you explain my water bill?

Customers will find two main charges on their bill. The Basic Charge is a fixed charge based on your meter size. The Usage Charge is based on the amount of water you used. Mesa Water is wholly reliant on rates for the operations and maintenance of the District. Mesa Water does not charge or levy property taxes. To learn more about our on rates please click here. 

Should you have additional questions or concerns about your bill, our Customer Service team is ready to help. Please call Customer Service at 949.631.1200, Monday- Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Friday, 8:00 - 5:00 p.m.

What payment options do I have? Is the mail slot at the main office secure?

Customers have the following payment options:

  • Pay by phone by calling  877.493.5093
  • Mail payments to Mesa Water District Payment Processing Center P.O. BOX 6513 Pasadena, CA 91109. Pay online by clicking here.  While Customer lobby is currently closed, customers may use our drop box to the left of Mesa Water’s front door at 1965 Placentia Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627. This box is completely secure and only staff have access to its contents.
We worked so hard to conserve water during the drought. What measures are in place now to conserve water?

Mesa Water has an abundant supply of 100% locally sourced water for generations to come. While our water supply is secure, water in Southern California is of a limited supply and subject to increasing demand. Most water use takes place outdoors. Mesa Water offers customers tips, tools and rebates to use water wisely and even save you money! Click here to learn more.

How does Mesa Water advocate for water rights?

Mesa Water’s top priority is ensuring the continued provision of safe and reliable water supplies for our families, food growers, economy, and quality of life. As outlined in Goal #7 of our strategic plan, Mesa Water actively engages in water policy issues with state legislators and regulators, and we partner with our water/government/utility industry associations to advocate for our community’s right to reliable water. Mesa Water’s Policy Positions are on our website here, with our stance on issues that can directly impact our costs, operations, and industry as a whole, and indirectly impact our customers and community.

I have noticed Mesa Water logos on meters and also on other objects around the community. Can you tell me more about this program?

One of Mesa Water’s strategic goals is to increase awareness of Mesa Water and of water among key audiences. We want all residents, businesses, and visitors in our service area to know that Mesa Water provides 100% safe, local, and reliable water 24/7 – a unique accomplishment among water agencies in Orange County. Similar to other utilities, Mesa Water has branded some of its property around the community to encourage community members to identify Mesa Water as their water provider.

Since Mesa Water is able to provide locally sourced water, what is the District’s stance on desalination?

Mesa Water has an abundant supply of high-quality and 100% locally-sourced groundwater for our population now and for generations to come. While our water supply is reliable and secure, Mesa Water supports the development of cost-effective and environmentally-sensitive regional sources of water, including recycling, groundwater clean-up, storage, conservation, and desalination. Mesa Water supports the potential Huntington Beach Desalination project as it can possibly provide a new, reliable, locally-controlled, high-quality and affordably-priced water supply for Orange County’s sustainable water future.