Mesa Water District is dedicated to satisfying our community’s water needs. Mesa Water’s strategic planning process is designed to provide clarity, direction, and focus for its water service and to ensure the agency is working toward a common goal.


Our Mission

Mesa Water District, a local independent special district, manages its finances and water infrastructure, and advocates water policy, while reliably providing an abundance of clean, safe water to benefit the public’s quality of life.

Our Vision

To Be a Top Performing Public Water Agency

Our Core Values

  • Health and Safety of the Public and our Staff
  • Excellence
  • Philosophy of Abundance
  • Perpetual Agency Philosophy

Strategic Goals

Provide a safe, abundant, and reliable water supply

Strategic Goal #1 - Water Supply & Reliability

Objective A: Continue to meet and surpass water quality standards.

  • Meet and surpass primary water quality standards
  • Meet and surpass secondary water quality standards
  • Perform required water quality tests annually
  • Analyze free chlorine conversion study and implement recommendations

Objective B: Maintain and protect a high quality water supply.

  • Efficiently maintain backflow, cross-connection, and recycled water programs to protect the water system from contamination

Objective C: Continue to ensure a reliable and abundant supply of water.

  • Provide a 100 percent local and reliable water supply portfolio
  • Report on our ability to supply 100 percent local water with marginal capacity
  • Complete design of 2 new wells to provide 115% of demand

Objective D: Ensure emergency operations.

  • Conduct regular testing of all backup power and communications systems
  • Evaluate, identify, and implement emergency power plan needs at Operations and Administrative facilities
  • Upgrade Emergency Operations Center equipment and facilities as needed
  • Participate in Regional Emergency Response exercises

Outcome 1

Meet all water quality standards - in both health and aesthetics.

Outcome 2

Drought-proof local water supply in all conditions.

Outcome 3

Maintain the ability to serve 100 percent imported water supply.

Practice perpetual infrastructure renewal and improvement

Strategic Goal #2 - Water Infrastructure

Objective A: Manage water infrastructure assets to assure reliability.

  • Complete Well Rehabilitation and Automation Construction Project
  • Complete and implement an Asset Management Plan
  • Continue actively managing Pipeline Integrity Testing Program
  • Solicit construction bids for OC-44 Pipeline Rehabilitation Project in FY 2020 Construction
  • Solicit construction bids for new wells and pipeline project in FY 2020

Objective B: Efficiently manage our water system.

  • Develop efficient operational protocols for production distribution and water quality systems, ongoing updates to existing and new
  • Fully utilize Mesa Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and complete asset update and PM’s for new equipment
  • Routinely evaluate operational energy and chemical consumption metrics upon completion of Well Automation Project

Objective C: Manage Mesa Water’s information technology infrastructure assets to assure reliability.

  • Implement Business Process Evaluation
  • Implement Information Technology Master Plan

Outcome 1

Orderly infrastructure refurbishment and replacement.

Outcome 2

Fund and implement the 5-year Capital Improvement and Replacement Plan for each fiscal year.

Outcome 3

Train and fully use Mesa Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Outcome 4:

Implement Business Process Evaluation recommendations.

Outcome 5:

Achieve world class water loss status.

Outcome 6:

Develop and monitor operational energy and chemical tracking tool in Mesa Water’s CMMS.

Outcome 7:

Develop standard operating procedures for operations work.

Be financially responsible and transparent

Strategic Goal #3 - Financial Responsibility 

Objective A: Maintain AAA financial goals and meet the appropriate designated fund level goals.

  • Report quarterly on AAA goals and designated funds

Objective B: Maintain competitive rates and efficiency in per capita expenditures.

  • Evaluate true cost of water to the customer compared to benchmark agencies
  • Administer investment portfolio consistent with policies
  • Support rates that are fair, understandable, and prudent for the District’s financial stability and sustainability as a perpetual agency

Objective C: Fund the Board’s and District’s priorities.

  • Prepare a balanced budget that funds Board and District priorities
  • Produce timely and accurate financial reports including Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and State Controller’s Report
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports and accurately projected year end results
  • Conduct accurate and timely monthly close accounting

Objective D: Encompass Financial Responsibility and Transparency.

  • Provide key financial documents on the website
  • Provide Board and staff total compensation, salary, and benefits structure on the website
  • Provide Board meeting agendas, meeting packets, and meeting minutes on the website
  • Prohibit evergreen contracts Develop and operate fraud hotline

Outcome 1

Meet Board’s annual targets for cash on hand and days cash ratio.

Outcome 2

Maintain debt service ratio.

Outcome 3

Comprehensive organizational transparency.

Increase public awareness about Mesa Water and about water

Strategic Goal #4 - Water Awareness

Objective A: Enhance Mesa Water’s visibility and positive recognition.

  • Facilitate accolades/awards for and from Mesa Water
  • Improve Mesa Water’s news bureau and social media
  • Establish analytics

Objective B: Increase awareness of Mesa Water and of water among key audiences.

  • Manage Mesa Water’s community relations campaign
  • Operate Mesa Water’s water education and ambassador programs
  • Leverage MWRF for outreach opportunities
  • Conduct customer survey

Objective C: Unify Mesa Water messaging and publications.

  • Strengthen Mesa Water’s communications consistency by using one look, one voice
  • Provide Mesa Water Board and staff with key messages and information

Outcome 1

Create social media plan to grow and measure engagement.

Outcome 2

Customer survey results.

Outcome 3

Finalize style guide.

Attract and retain skilled employees

Strategic Goal #5 - Human Resources

Objective A: Attract and retain a qualified, skilled, and capable workforce.

  • Prepare Annual Employee Turnover Report

Objective B: Foster a highly engaged workforce.

  • Develop District-wide performance indicators and performance audit
  • Provide employee benefits that demonstrate a strong commitment for employee well-being
  • Provide employee training

Objective C: Enhance employee relations.

  • Survey and report on employee events
  • Implement Human Resources information system

Objective D: Provide annual safety program audit.

Outcome 1

Fully staffed organization.

Outcome 2

Minimize turnover.

Outcome 3

Provide quarterly training report.

Outcome 4

Recognize and reward high performance.

Provide outstanding customer service

Strategic Goal #6 - Customer Service

Objective A: Provide outstanding internal and external customer service in a timely, courteous, and effective manner.

  • Encourage and support colleagues and help others find solutions to problems
  • Speak professionally with a positive tone of voice
  • Resolve issue on first point of contact

Objective B: Enhance the customer experience.

  • Update and implement customer service standards
  • Listen carefully to understand the real need of the customer
  • Be empathetic to the customer’s situation
  • Respond to all requests promptly and, when information isn’t immediately available, provide a timeframe for the resolution

Objective C: Measure success.

  • Establish and implement measures of success that ensure continuous improvement
  • Survey customer satisfaction for walk-in and telephone service

Objective D: Continuous improvement and reinforcement.

  • Implement reinforcement system for customer service skills and behaviors
  • Use feedback from customers and the internal organization for continuous process improvement

Outcome 1

Answer telephone calls in less than 10 seconds (average).

Outcome 2

Smile and greet customers and colleagues in a warm and friendly manner.

Outcome 3

Train staff on both universal and function specific standards.

Outcome 4

Implement monthly metrics report.

Outcome 5

All staff participates in annual customer service training.

Outcome 6

Recognize and celebrate the good work of employees.

Actively participate in regional water issues and statewide water issues

Strategic Goal #7 - Actively participate in regional and statewide water issues

Objective A: Actively engage in regional and statewide water issues.

  • Attend OCWD and MWDOC meetings and engage in regional water issues
  • Update the Board’s policy positions and legislative platforms for statewide issues that impact Mesa Water

Objective B: Facilitate Board and staff participation in water, governance, utility, community and environmental organizations.

  • Support current Board and staff participation in organizations such as LAFCO, OCWA, ACWA, CMUA, WACO, ACWA/JPIA, CalDesal, SAWPA, and Groundwater Producers; proactively seek opportunities for additional participation
  • Support Board and staff participation in non-governmental associations, as appropriate
  • Continue legislative and regulatory affairs, and governmental relations, to promote awareness of Mesa Water

Objective C: Accomplish the Board’s Policy Priorities.

  • Develop the Board’s local and regional water policy priorities
  • Work to achieve the Board’s local and regional water policy priorities

Outcome 1

2020 Legislative Platforms and Policy Positions.

Outcome 2

Positively influence and be a leader of water issues important to Mesa Water.

Outcome 3

Increase awareness of Mesa Water in the water industry and community.