Mesa Water District is dedicated to satisfying our community’s water needs. Mesa Water’s strategic planning process is designed to provide clarity, direction, and focus for its water service and to ensure the agency is working toward a common goal.


Mission Statement

Mesa Water District, a local independent special district, manages its finances and water infrastructure, and advocates water policy, while reliably providing an abundance of clean, safe water to benefit the public’s quality of life.


To Be a Top Performing Water Agency

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide an abundant, local, reliable and safe water supply.
  2. Perpetually renew and improve our infrastructure.
  3. Be financially responsible and transparent.
  4. Increase favorable opinion of Mesa Water.
  5. Attract, develop and retain skilled employees.
  6. Provide excellent customer service.
  7. Actively participate in regional and statewide water issues.

Core Values

  • Health and Safety of the Public and Our Staff
  • Excellence
  • Philosophy of Abundance
  • Perpetual Agency Philosophy

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal #1 - Water Supply & Reliability

Provide an abundant, local, reliable and safe water supply.

Objective A: Continue to meet and surpass water quality standards.

  • Meet and surpass primary water quality standards
  • Meet and surpass secondary water quality standards
  • Perform required water quality tests annually
  • Develop, plan and obtain approval for annual winter free chlorine conversion

Objective B: Maintain and protect a high quality water supply.

  • Efficiently maintain backflow, cross-connection, and recycled water programs to protect the water system from contamination
  • Implement requirements of Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
  • Initiate construction of Reservoir Chemical Management Systems

Objective C: Continue to ensure a reliable and abundant supply of water.

  • Provide a 100% local and reliable water supply portfolio
  • Complete construction of new wells to provide 115% of peak demand
  • Prepare a report on brackish groundwater opportunities
  • Complete construction of the MWRF and Well Storage Buildings

Objective D: Ensure emergency operations.

  • Conduct regular testing of all backup power and communications systems 
  • Initiate construction of emergency backup power at District Headquarters, Reservoir 1 and Kemp Reservoir
  • Maintain EOC equipment and facilities
  • Participate in Regional Emergency Response exercises
  • Perform emergency backup power study for the MWRF

Outcome 1

Meet all water quality standards - in both health and aesthetics.

Outcome 2

Drought-proof local water supply in all conditions.

Outcome 3

Maintain the ability to serve 100 percent imported water supply.

Outcome 4

Increase storage for parts, materials and equipment.

Strategic Goal #2 - Water Infrastructure

Perpetually renew and improve our infrastructure.

Objective A: Manage water infrastructure assets to assure reliability.

  • Complete construction of Chandler & Croddy Wells and Pipeline Project
  • Initiate construction of Reservoir Rehabilitation Program 
  • Actively maintain assets via preventative maintenance programs
  • Replace SCADA radio communication equipment
  • Develop a plan for the State Clean Fleet Mandate; include EV charging station at the Mesa Water Reliability Facility

Objective B: Efficiently manage our water system.

  • Create a 1951 Cohort Pipeline Replacement Project Plan
  • Implement Mesa Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) mobile functions
  • Routinely evaluate operational energy and chemical consumption metrics
  • Provide field support services to achieve efficient water loss audit goal
  • Manage routine key performance metrics within 10 percent of planned average daily production levels

Objective C: Plan future projects based on data-driven and life-cycle cost decisions.

  • Continue actively managing the Pipeline Integrity Testing Program
  • Update the Water System Master Plan including an Asset Management Plan

Objective D:  Improve Mesa Water’s information technology infrastructure assets to assure reliability and security.

  • Implement a Information Technology Capital Improvement Program 
  • Transition the Information Technology Data Center to a cloud-based data center services platform
  • Complete implementation of the Information Technology SCADA metrics
  • Develop technical proficiency for the use of online communications (e.g., zoom or similar) by Mesa Water’s Board members and staff

Outcome 1

Perform infrastructure refurbishment and replacement.

Outcome 2

Complete $70MM Capital Improvement Program Renewal Program.

Outcome 3

Train and use Mesa Water’s CMMS mobile system.

Outcome 4:

Protect and secure infrastructure.

Outcome 5:

Maintain efficient real water loss status (e.g. <5%).

Outcome 6:

Maintain and replace assets to extend useful life and minimize capital and operating costs.

Strategic Goal #3 - Financial Responsibility

Be financially responsible and transparent

Objective A: Maintain AAA financial goals and meet the appropriate designated fund level goals.

  • Report quarterly on AAA goals and designated funds
  • Report annually on status of OPEB and Pension Liability
  • Produce a quarterly report on the status of the Certificates of Participation and the funds reimbursed for projects
  • Increase efficiencies and cost savings in management of Trust Accounts and Reserve Funds
  • Update the Board’s AAA goal and designated funds policy

Objective B: Maintain competitive rates and efficiency in per capita expenditures.

  • Evaluate true cost of water to the customer compared to benchmark agencies
  • Administer investment portfolio consistent with policies
  • Support rates that are fair, understandable, and prudent for the District’s financial stability and sustainability as a perpetual agency

Objective C: Fund the Board’s and District’s priorities.

  • Prepare a balanced budget that funds Board and District priorities
  • Produce timely and accurate financial reports including Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and State Controller's Report
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports and accurately projected year end results
  • Conduct accurate and timely monthly close accounting
  • Prepare a long-term financial strategic plan
  • Pursue state and federal funding for projects

Objective D: Encompass Financial Responsibility and Transparency.

  • Provide key financial documents on the website 
  • Provide Board and staff total compensation, salary and benefits structure on the website 
  • Provide Board meeting agendas, meeting packets and meeting minutes on the website 
  • Comply fully with the California Public Records Act
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment and Action Plan for the Acquisition of Electronic Records Management Software
  • Prohibit evergreen contracts
  • Standardize contracts and create a procurement matrix
  • Conduct annual audits

Outcome 1

Meet Board’s annual targets for cash on hand and days cash ratio.

Outcome 2

Maintain debt service ratio.

Outcome 3

Comprehensive organizational transparency.

Strategic Goal #4 - Water Awareness

Increase favorable opinion of Mesa Water.

Objective A: Enhance Mesa Water’s visibility and positive recognition.

  • Facilitate accolades and awards for Mesa Water
  • Improve Mesa Water’s news bureau and social media

Objective B: Increase awareness of Mesa Water and water among key audiences.

  • Manage Mesa Water’s community relations campaign program and events
  • Create a comprehensive outreach plan for the Mesa Water Education Center, launch school fieldtrip program and community tours
  • Cultivate Mesa Water ambassadors
  • Enhance new customer experience and new customer welcome bags and anniversary program

Objective C: Unify Mesa Water messaging and publications.

  • Continue industry relations to promote awareness of District’s perpetual agency philosophy, strong financial position and innovation
  • Provide Mesa Water Board and staff with updated strategic messages framework
  • Expand reach and amplify messaging to new audiences on owned communication channels

Outcome 1

Earn two awards in Fiscal Year 2023.

Outcome 2

Demonstrate year-over-year growth in social media followers, reach and engagement among service area residents and increased earned media highlighting Mesa Water’s 100% local, reliable, clean and safety water supply.

Outcome 3

Increase Mesa Water brand awareness by 5 percent annually.

Outcome 4:

Open the Mesa Water Education Center, launch school fieldtrip program and community tours.

Outcome 5:

Host Water Issues Study Group and Mesa Water 101 sessions.

Outcome 6: 

Prepare a bi-monthly customer communication with news highlight.

Strategic Goal #5 - Human Resources

Attract, develop and retain skilled employees.

Objective A: Attract and retain a qualified, skilled, and capable workforce.

  • Prepare Annual Employee Turnover Report
  • Update Employee Rules and Regulations
  • Update Human Resources-related policies
  • Maintain a competitive total compensation package (e.g., salary surveys, benefit reviews, etc.)
  • Administer Annual Employee Engagement Survey
  • Administer Elite Onboarding program for new hires

Objective B: Develop employee skills.

  • Fully train a minimum of two employees in key processes to ensure accountability and sustainability
  • Develop and implement an operational and institutional knowledge transfer plan
  • Provide employee development training and leadership opportunities
  • Provide quarterly training report

Objective C: Enhance employee relations.

  • Maintain and update the Human Resources Information System
  • Negotiate a new Memorandum of Understanding with the employee association

Objective D: Provide annual safety program audit.

  • Provide safety training for all employees
  • Conduct Monday morning tailgate talks

Outcome 1

Fully staffed and trained organization.

Outcome 2

Minimized turnover.

Outcome 3

Provide Employee Engagement result District-wide.

Outcome 4

Improved employee engagement.

Outcome 5

Recognize and celebrate the good work of employees.

Strategic Goal #6 - Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service.

Objective A: Provide outstanding internal and external customer service in a timely, courteous, and effective manner.

  • Encourage and support colleagues and help others find solutions to problems
  • Speak professionally with a positive tone of voice
  • Resolve issue on first point of contact

Objective B: Enhance the customer experience.

  • Listen carefully to understand the real need of the customer
  • Be empathetic to the customer’s situation
  • Respond to all requests promptly and, when information isn’t immediately available, provide a timeframe for the resolution

Objective C: Measure success.

  • Continue to measure success to ensure Elite Customer Service Standards are met
  • Survey customer satisfaction for walk-in and telephone service
  • Examine the metrics and measurement values of the Elite Customer Service Standards

Objective D: Continuous improvement and reinforcement.

  • Continue reinforcement system for customer service skills and behaviors through one-on-one coaching

Outcome 1

Answer telephone calls in less than 20 seconds (average).

Outcome 2

Ensure new development account set ups occur within 10 days of project completion.

Outcome 3

Achieve overall gold standard score on quarterly audit.

Strategic Goal #7 - Policy Leadership

Actively participate in regional and statewide water issues.

Objective A: Accomplish the Board’s Policy Priorities.

  • Annually update the Board’s water policy and other policy issue positions
  • Annually update the Board’s platforms for legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Advocate on the Board’s legislative and regulatory platforms and policy positions at the local, regional, state and federal levels

Objective B: Positively influence water policy and other priority policy issues.

  • Actively engage on local, regional, state and federal water policy and priority policy issues with relevant governmental organizations, elected and appointed officials, and their staff/consultants as appropriate
  • Develop and lead, or actively participate with, applicable legislative and regulatory advocacy coalitions of water/government/utility industry associations and/or members
  • Monitor relevant water/government/utility industry public meetings and appropriately engage on policies and issues important to Mesa Water

Objective C: Optimize governmental efficiencies affecting Mesa Water.

  • Champion special districts’ shared efficiencies for Mesa Water’s service area
  • Explore economical, efficient shared services opportunities for Mesa Water at the local and regional levels
  • Support local and regional efficiency improvement efforts that can benefit Mesa Water and its stakeholders

Objective D: Facilitate Mesa Water’s impactful participation with water, government, utility and non-governmental organizations.

  • Leverage and extend the District’s governmental and industry relations to help maximize positive awareness of Mesa Water and water issues
  • Maintain Board and staff involvement with organizations such as ACWA, ACWA/JPIA, AWWA, CalDesal, CMUA, CSDA, CWSA, Groundwater Producers, ISDOC, LAFCO, MCWRA, MET/MWDOC, OCBC, OCWD, SAWPA, SCWC, UWI, WateReuse, WACO, etc.; proactively pursue opportunities for additional participation
  • Seek and support Board and staff participation with non-governmental organizations and/or coalitions as appropriate
  • Conduct State and Federal advocacy to seek grants funding for Mesa Water projects and programs

Outcome 1

2023 Legislative Platforms, Policy Positions and accompanying advocacy to benefit Mesa Water and its stakeholders.

Outcome 2

Continue advocacy leadership by positively influencing water policy and other priority policy issues for Mesa Water.

Outcome 3

Encourage and advance internal and external efficiency efforts at the local and regional levels to benefit Mesa Water and its stakeholders.

Outcome 4

Increase positive awareness of Mesa Water with water/government/utility industry and non-governmental organizations.