Ready to Serve You During Extreme Weather or a Natural Disaster

Posted: Monday, October 23, 2023

Mesa Water is prepared year-round to provide high-quality water during a power outage, tropical storm or other natural disasters. With the landfall of Tropical Storm Hilary, Mesa Water was ready to meet the needs of our service area. All emergency backup power was tested at the district’s sites prior to the storm to ensure water remained available for customers. Highly-trained staff closely monitored and controlled facilities through Mesa Water’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, which can detect loss of power at local and remote facilities.

Preparations also included monitoring for the potential need to pump water out of critical infrastructure areas, which can capture rainwater in storms. Water treatment storage tanks and reservoirs were topped off in advance of the storm to ensure we had readily accessible supply. Additionally, Mesa Water had extra staff standing by to respond, if needed, to restore clean, safe water to your home or workplace.

Mesa Water employees work continuously to ensure that our infrastructure and systems remain reliable in the eventphone of an emergency – and always.

Mesa Water Notify Keeps You Informed in Real-Time

Through our Mesa Water Notify system, we were able to send a message to our customers via email and text to reassure you that we were prepared for Tropical Storm Hilary, so you didn’t have to worry about your water supply. If you did not receive an email or text from us, now is a good time to contact our Customer Services Department at 949.631.1200 to be sure we have your most current email address and mobile number, so that we can reach you in real-time in the event of an emergency.