About your bill

The Basic Charge is a fixed charge based on your meter size. The Usage Charge is based on the amount of water you used.

The quantity of water passing through your water meter is measured in cubic feet. Each unit is 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.


The LAFCO Surcharge is a onetime annual fee based on the Orange County LAFCO's adopted budget.

Where to pay your bill

*Please note: Payments made at unauthorized payment centers may experience delays in receiving payments.

When your bill is due

Your bill is due and payable upon receipt. Accounts not paid by the Due Date on the bill will be sent a Delinquent Bill and charged a late fee. If you are unable to pay this bill by the Due Date, please call 949.631.1200 to discuss payment arrangements and to avoid water service shut off.


A deposit may be required if payment is received after the Regular Bill Due Date or any other instance where the Customer of Record's creditworthiness comes into question. Deposits will be refunded after 12 consecutive on-time payments (no delinquencies assessed), or applied toward your closing bill when you close your account, whichever comes first.

Final notice to shut off water for non-payment

If a balance remains unpaid 56 days after the bill date, a Final Notice is mailed prior to water shutoff. All accounts subject to a Final Notice will be charged a fee for the first dwelling and for each additional unit. If your water service is shut off, an additional disconnect and reconnect fee will be charged. The total bill for water charges, fees and deposits due must be paid in FULL before service is reconnected. A schedule of fees including late fees is available at the District Office. To access this information online, just click on the Customer Services tab then Rates & Fees.

Service Termination Policy

Mesa Water’s written policy on termination of water service for non-payment is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Korean. They can be found on the Termination Policy page.

Returned item charge

Returned items are assessed a fee with five (5) working days allowance for cash replacement before water service will be shut off for non-payment.

Collection agency

Past due accounts sent to a collection agency are subject to a penalty.

The water meter serving your address

The water meter is the property of Mesa Water and within a public easement. Please do not construct anything near, over or around the meter that would interfere with regular access by Mesa Water employees. All vegetation must be controlled so as not to obstruct or cover the meter box. Hazardous materials (solvents, oil, paint, etc.) may not be placed in the meter box as they may contaminate your water.

Terms and conditions

By accepting water service, you are subject to all rules and regulations of Mesa Water, and are responsible for all charges until you notify Mesa Water to stop your water service. Please call to close your account at least three days prior to moving.