Water Main & Hydrant Flushing

Flushing is preventative maintenance that improves the quality and appearance of the water.

As part of Mesa Water's regular preventative maintenance program to remove normal sediment buildup from the pipes that deliver water to its customers, Mesa Water performs unidirectional flushing of the water mains and fire hydrants. Customers will be notified when flushing is scheduled to begin in their area.

Unidirectional flushing is a process in which pipes are cleaned by forcing water through isolated sections, at high velocities, in a single direction. Such high velocities are sufficient to produce a scouring action that loosens and removes any sediment buildup, including rust deposits and sand, from pipes that deliver your water. The sediment that is present is normal, however it may cause water to appear dirty or discolored. Removing the sediment improves the appearance of the water.

During flushing you may notice some discoloration or sediment in your tap water, affecting only its appearance. The water is safe and will clear up in a few minutes when you run cold water through the faucet of your bathtub or other unscreened tap such as a backyard garden hose. For more information on Mesa Water's flushing program call the Water Quality Department at 949.574.1031.