Mesa Water District Board Approves Emergency Drought Ordinance to Reduce Water Use by 20 Percent to Help Preserve Drinking Water During Historic Drought

Outdoor Watering Limited to Tuesday and Saturday before 8am or after 5pm; Enforcement increased District-wide

Costa Mesa, Calif.; May 14, 2015 – At tonight’s Board meeting and hearing regarding a mandatory 20 percent water conservation reduction assigned by the state of California, the Mesa Water District (Mesa Water) Board of Directors (Board) approved a new emergency water conservation ordinance designed to preserve “a reliable minimum supply of potable water essential to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people, and economy of the southern California region.” 

“The drought is serious and Mesa Water is doing its part to conserve essential drinking water resources during this critical time,” said Mesa Water Board Vice President Ethan Temianka.  “Our residential customers have done a tremendous job in the past when we’ve asked them to conserve and we expect that residents, in addition to businesses and public agencies, will be able to meet the current challenge.”

Many of the conservation rules have been in place on a voluntary basis since last summer, resulting in a residential reduction in water use.  The new mandatory rules apply to everyone in Mesa Water’s service area, including residents, businesses, and public agencies, and include reduced outdoor watering days and times, serving water only on request in restaurants, and no watering of turf on street medians with drinking water, among other restrictions.  Watering street medians and turf with recycled water is allowed anytime.

“Preserving drinking water supplies and reducing water waste is Mesa Water’s goal during the mandatory conservation period and the new rules will help us achieve the 20 percent reduction required by the State,” said Mesa Water General Manager Paul E. Shoenberger.

Mesa Water staff will be looking for compliance with the new rules.  If found in violation of the rules by a Mesa Water staff member, customers will receive up to two written warnings prior to the assessment of a fine.  In addition to reduced watering days will be an obligation to fix leaks, breaks, or malfunctions within 72 hours of staff providing a Notice of Violation.  Irrigation during rain events, and up to 48 hours afterwards, is prohibited.

For the entire ordinance and the full list of rules, visit, call 949.631.1200, or visit our office at 1965 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.


About Mesa Water

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