Mesa Water District Exceeds State-Mandated Goal With 21% Conservation; Qualifies for Reduced Conservation Due to Mesa Water Reliability Facility

Board to Honor Mega Mesa Water Savers at April 14 meeting

Costa Mesa, Calif.; March 30, 2016 – Mesa Water District (Mesa Water) has exceeded its state-mandated conservation goal by achieving over 21 percent conservation from June 2015 through February 2016. The District’s state-assigned goal was 20 percent.

“Mesa Water’s customers are increasingly aware of the value of water and have stepped up their water efficiency efforts through reduced outdoor watering, upgraded landscapes, and fixing leaks,” said Mesa Water Board President Shawn Dewane. “At our April 14 meeting, the Mesa Water Board is honored to recognize the conservation efforts of individuals, businesses, homeowner’s associations, and public agencies with a water savings of 31 to 56 percent,” Dewane said.

Mesa Water’s new goal through October 2016 is expected to be 12 percent, due to increased local water reliability created by the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF) which has produced 5.5 billion gallons of water since 2013 using nanofiltration technology.  In addition to the MWRF, which provides approximately 30 percent of the District’s drinking water, Mesa Water delivers up to 70 percent of its water from the Orange County Groundwater Basin, an underground reservoir that is recharged by the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS). The GWRS takes 100 million gallons of treated sewer water every day, purifies it above drinking water standards, and uses it to recharge the groundwater basin.

Outdoor watering remains the highest use of water in the District’s service area, focusing Mesa Water's conservation efforts on reduced watering days and eliminating runoff. The conservation goal was met through broad, consistent public education, water ambassadors in the community, increased customer service, and exemplary community-wide conservation efforts by customers. Mesa Water exceeded its conservation goal with uniform volumetric rates that match the cost of service with a consistent price for each unit of water used.


About Mesa Water

Founded on January 1, 1960, and governed by a publicly-elected, five-member Board of Directors, Mesa Water is an independent special district that provides water service to 110,000 residents in an 18-square-mile service area that includes most of Costa Mesa, a portion of Newport Beach, and John Wayne Airport. Mesa Water provides 100 percent local reliable groundwater to its customers due to the Mesa Water Reliability Facility. Visit, follow @MesaWater on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, email, or call 949.631.1200 to learn more.