Study Shows $650 Rebate Per Customer, 28 Percent Lower Sewer Fees as Potential Benefits of Combining Mesa Water and Costa Mesa Sanitary Districts

Mesa Water To Seek Input on Study Findings at July 28 Board Meeting

Costa Mesa, Calif. – At its Board meeting on July 21, Mesa Water District received from Arcadis U.S., Inc. the “Optimal Governance Structure Study” that was commissioned last month to analyze how Mesa Water and Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) could more economically, effectively and efficiently provide water, sewer and trash collection services to the districts’ customers.

The study’s executive summary shows that combining Mesa Water and CMSD could result in a one-time total cost-savings of $15.6 million that could be passed on as an immediate $650 rebate per customer. Also per the study’s executive summary, combining the two districts could result in an annual $2.7 million savings that includes $1.7 million in wastewater service savings which could reduce customers’ sewer fees by 28 percent.

Mesa Water and CMSD serve primarily the same customers and service area, with Mesa Water providing potable (drinking water) and recycled water services and CMSD providing wastewater (sewer) and solid waste (trash collection) services. Per the study, combining the two districts would significantly benefit customers with reduced costs for the same or better service levels while also maintaining a strong AAA rating.

Mesa Water Board President Shawn Dewane said that the study findings must be communicated to the public with full transparency. “Those of us who are in the position to know have an obligation to discover and tell,” stated Dewane. “We have now discovered; it is time to tell.”

To allow time for Mesa Water and CMSD Board members and the public to review the study and discuss it openly at a public meeting, Mesa Water’s Board of Directors has scheduled a special meeting on Thursday, July 28 at 4 p.m. in Mesa Water’s Boardroom (1965 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627). Mesa Water welcomes public input as it will facilitate informed decisions about the future of local government in the Costa Mesa community.

“The study is a starting point for the Special Districts Shared Efficiencies project which will continue to evolve as we work in the interest of best serving our customers and community,” said Dewane. “Mesa Water continues its aim of collaborating with the Costa Mesa Sanitary District and we look forward to working with them on next steps. We are also eager to hear our customers’ thoughts on this matter.”

To foster public dialogue and gain community input on this issue, Mesa Water is hosting several Community Chats in neighborhoods throughout its service area. For dates, times and locations, call 949.631.1201. For more information about Mesa Water’s Special Districts Shared Efficiencies project, visit To obtain a copy of the study, click here, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 949.631.1201.


About Mesa Water

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