Mesa Water District Honors Customers' Water-Saving Efforts

John Wayne Airport and ProntoWash Eco AutoSPA Recently Received the District’s Water Conservation Award

Costa Mesa, Calif. –  Mesa Water District (Mesa Water) recently recognized two of its customers for using water efficiently in order to conserve our community’s water supply, as well as protect our environment and quality of life. The District gave a Water Conservation Award to John Wayne Airport, Orange County, and to ProntoWash Eco AutoSPA, of Orange County, for these organizations’ commitment to conserving water and reducing water pollution.

The Mesa Water Board honored John Wayne Airport and ProntoWash Eco AutoSPA at two recent Board meetings for assisting the District in its efforts to conserve water, protect local groundwater supplies, and reduce pollution-laden runoff from reaching the ocean.

“Becoming more efficient with how we use water is a key component to maintaining a reliable water supply into the future,” said Mesa Water Board President Shawn Dewane. He continued, “John Wayne Airport and ProntoWash are excellent examples of Mesa Water customers harnessing technology to maximize our water resources, and the District is proud to honor these Orange County organizations for their efforts.”

Water Conservation Efforts by John Wayne Airport

As one of Mesa Water’s largest customers, John Wayne Airport (JWA) has more than 500 acres of land and serves millions of travelers annually. JWA has taken many steps to reduce its water use, including:

  • Using ultra-low-flow toilets and urinals, and automatic faucets and flushing sensors in its Terminal restrooms;
  • Working toward reducing the amount of water used for general aviation aircraft washing to just 1/8 of a gallon per plane;
  • Monitoring the Airport’s irrigation system for more efficient landscape watering;
  • Directing on-site testing of fire engines to spray on grassy areas, and diverting Airport construction runoff to an on-site retaining basin, in order to increase groundwater percolation into OC aquifers and reduce storm water runoff; and,
  • Strictly enforcing the airport-wide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan to catch and treat runoff in order to remove pollutants.

Water Conservation Efforts by ProntoWash Eco AutoSPA

ProntoWash Eco AutoSPA is a local business that washes cars using only one pint of water. The company’s revolutionary washing process saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually and produces virtually no harmful runoff. ProntoWash’s Jim Fitzpatrick operates car wash and detail centers in 12 Orange County cities, including Newport Beach and the valet counter of John Wayne Airport.

To nominate a local organization for a Mesa Water Conservation Award, please call the District’s communications department at (949) 631-1201.


About Mesa Water

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