Mesa Water Celebrates Six Years of Providing Local, Reliable Water through the MWRF

Mesa Water is celebrating the sixth anniversary of our Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF)! Thanks to the MWRF, which opened in March 13, 2013, we are the only Orange County water provider to source 100 percent of our community’s water needs with local groundwater.

The state-of-the-art facility features two deep-water wells, a one-million gallon reservoir, and nanofiltration technology. The deep-water wells pump raw water from about 1,000 feet underground.The water meets all water quality standards, and could be served right out of the ground. It arrives with an amber tint, which comes from 12,000-year-old Redwood trees that used to flourish in this area. Using nanofiltration technology, the water is filtered so it’s clear at the tap for our customers.

A cornerstone of Mesa Water’s innovative water reliability program, the MWRF will continue to be a precious resource to our community for generations to come.