Local, Reliable, and Safe through Operations

Local, Reliable, and Safe through Operations

Due to the foresight and careful planning of Mesa Water’s Board, we are fortunate to have access to 100% local, reliable and safe water. Our infrastructure includes:

  • Five clear-water wells, reaching depths of 200-600 feet,
  • Two deep water wells reaching 1,200 feet, and
  • Two storage reservoirs holding millions of gallons of water.

Not only are these systems continually monitored and tested, but so is the water itself. Over 30,000 tests are conducted annually in Mesa Water’s lab and state certified labs, using state-of-the-art monitoring technology that collects and analyzes water data continuously, allowing for immediate action to any perceived changes.

Delivering water to our 18-square mile service area also requires round-the-clock care. Mesa Water crews ensure our equipment, covering 317 miles of mainlines is in good working order, all safety and water quality regulations are enforced, and emergency water connections are maintained.

Leading this complex and important effort is Operations Department Manager, Tracy Manning, along with Dustin Burnside in production, Scott Sullivan in distribution, Kaying Lee in water quality and compliance, and Carrie Fesili in fleet, maintenance, and safety.

In all, the Operations Department consists of more than 20 highly-trained, state-certified individuals with decades of experience — who provide Mesa Water customers with an abundant supply of locally sourced, high quality drinking water every hour of every day.

Thanks to the Operations Department’s 24/7 efforts, Mesa Water meets and surpasses all state and federal drinking water regulations and is a leader in operational efficiency.