Mesa Water Perpetually Improves, Invests In Infrastructure to Serve You Well

The Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) Board of Directors’ strategic plan has seven organizational goals, including providing a safe, abundant, and reliable water supply, and practicing perpetual infrastructure renewal and improvement. To achieve these goals, we continually work on maintaining and updating Mesa Water’s infrastructure for optimal performance.

InfrastructureFor fiscal years 2018 and 2019, Mesa Water® is investing an average of $10 million per year on capital improvements. In total, approximately 33 percent of our annual budget is allocated for capital improvements, the prioritized (by age and condition) repair and replacement of our pipelines and other assets, and operating and managing our water system which includes the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF) and:

  • 7 groundwater wells
  • 3 storage reservoirs
  • 2 booster pump stations
  • 317 miles of water mainlines
  • 3,383 fire hydrants
  • 5,139 mainline valves
  • 23,786 water meters

Recently, Mesa Water purchased property to build two new wells for added redundancy and resilience to our 100% local groundwater supplies. These new wells will also help sustain our community’s reliable water service into perpetuity.

Investing in and improving our infrastructure minimizes the amount of water lost due to breaks or leaks. Indeed, Mesa Water is among North America’s top-performing water suppliers with the least annual water loss through the water system.

Mesa Water is currently working on several major capital projects, such as:

  • wells automation and rehabilitation
  • reservoirs assessment and improvements
  • pipeline integrity testing and repairs/replacements
  • valve replacements for hydrants and mainlines
  • meter replacements

For more information about Mesa Water’s infrastructure, or to tour our MWRF, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 949.631.1201, or go to