New Surveys Support Superior Service Standards

customer taking survey

To achieve the mission of satisfying our community’s water needs, Mesa Water District is guided by a strategic plan with seven goals, including the goal to provide outstanding customer service. As part of this goal, Mesa Water® has implemented new surveys to measure and improve our interactions with you…in-person, online, and via phone.

Walk-In Surveys

Customers who receive in-person service at Mesa Water’s headquarters can fill out a Walk-In Survey available at our Customer Services counter. By filling out this survey, customers can offer comments about their visit, and give us feedback on their level of satisfaction for the services they received, as well as on our overall service quality.

Online Surveys

Another feedback opportunity is an online survey, formatted the same as our Walk-In Survey, at This survey allows customers to conveniently share their Mesa Water service experiences with us anytime, anywhere. If preferred, and upon request, we can also email this survey to customers as a fillable PDF form.

Phone Surveys

Call-in customers can opt to do a brief, four-question phone survey at the end of each call to Mesa Water. With questions about our friendliness and professionalism, our level of understanding customers’ requests, and customers’ satisfaction with how they were treated, these phone surveys will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our over-the-phone service.

Mesa Water welcomes your input regarding our customer service. For more information, please call 949.631.1200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..