We Love Vanguard University!

Partnership with our customers and community is at the heart of Mesa Water’s vision to be a top-performing public water agency. Local educational institutions, such as Vanguard University, are an excellent community resource.

vanguard university of southern californiaThe recent Mesa Water event featured Vanguard’s Dr. Miranda from the campus’ Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership. During the severe drought in 2015-2016, the University’s “Conserve Blue at Vanguard U” campaign reduced water use on-campus to make Vanguard a Mega Mesa Water Saver! Vanguard has also provided exceptional student interns to support Mesa Water’s Public Affairs and Financial Services departments, whereby students gained hands-on experience in significant areas of career opportunity. Each winter, Vanguard presents its Fantasia production at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa which Mesa Water is proud to sponsor. Mesa Water looks forward to many more years of partnership with Vanguard University.