Check Your Home Plumbing for Leaks

Water use increases with summer’s warmer weather and sunny days, making waterwise choices increasingly important. However, water can sometimes be wasted without your knowledge. In order to save both money and water, it is important to check your home system for leaks. Follow the instructions below to be sure!

To begin, turn off all of the water in your home from both indoor and outdoor faucets for two hours. This means there is no water running through your system (you’ll even need to stop activities like flushing toilets, washing hands, or doing laundry).

Next, check your water meter, which is usually located under a cement cover between the sidewalk and the street. Look at the low-flow indicator, the smaller of the two dials, to see if it is spinning. Because there is no water running, there should be no movement of the dial. If there is, this could indicate a possible leak between your plumbing system and the meter.

If you suspect a leak and you are a Mesa Water customer, please contact our Customer Services department at 949.631.1200. A Mesa Water team member can visit, identify a potential leak, and recommend next steps to the customer. This service is provided at no cost to Mesa Water customers. Thank you for being Mesa Water savers!