Mesa Water Recommends Customers Reduce Watering To 1 Day A Week For Winter Months

Mesa Water® provides a recommended outdoor watering schedule to help customers conserve by limiting watering to 1 day each week.

cooler nights

“Now is the perfect time to switch to a once-a-week watering schedule for your lawn, shrubs and trees,” said Justin B. Finch, MPP, Mesa Water’s Resource Efficiency Specialist. “With shorter days and cooler nights, significantly less water is needed to sustain healthy outdoor landscapes.”

It is always important for residents to be mindful of shower, toilet and appliance use, but during the winter months, significant savings can be found outdoors. Reprogramming sprinkler timers and installing water-saving spray nozzles on hoses is a good start. And planting California-Friendly® plants can help save even more.

Since June 2016, Mesa Water has allowed customers to choose which days of the week to water their landscapes. “Our customers continue to conserve through increased awareness and changed behavior. Now, we encourage everyone to pick one day of the week to water and commit to it,” Finch said.

Customers in the service area have trimmed water consumption significantly, as evidenced by Mesa Water continuing to meet its conservation target during this period of drought. Conservation is at 18.3% since mandated conservation began in June 2015.

Mesa Water is the only Orange County water provider to be 100 percent reliable on local groundwater due in large part to its ability to pump and treat water at the Mesa Water Reliability Facility. Water pumped from that site is considered to be a new water source; meaning it would otherwise be unavailable. Mesa Water is not dependent on imported water from Metropolitan. Local supplies passed a stress test showing their ability to meet demand despite potential continuing drought conditions. That’s good news for customers.