Kurt Lind Creates Efficiencies in Government

Mesa Water’s Business Administrator Kurt Lind is a bridge builder between staff, consultants, and operating systems, helping to improve integration and collaboration between platforms, people, and processes. Through the District’s Business Improvements Process, he’s identified areas where Mesa Water® can achieve value-added results.

KurtMesa Water is seeing real improvement with the use of its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The CMMS is used to plan, schedule, track and analyze work, which leads to improved planning and performance monitoring. This tool has been implemented throughout the District resulting in more work getting done without increasing staff.

Kurt’s role has been to coordinate staff and operational resources to integrate people and systems, which takes time, attention, and a change in culture. “Working with fellow staff at the District is the best part,” he said. Through implementation, testing and improvement of internal systems, the process has led to increased accountability and more efficient government.