Actively participate in regional water issues

Strategic Goal #7 - Regional Commitment

Objective A: Actively engage in regional water issues.

  • Attend OCWD and MWDOC meetings and engage in regional water issues
  • Update the Board’s policy positions and legislative platforms for issues that impact Mesa Water

Objective B: Facilitate Board and staff participation in water, governance, utility, community, and environmental organizations.

  • Support current Board and staff participation in organizations such as LAFCO, OCWA, ACWA, WACO, ACWA/JPIA, CalDesal, SAWPA, ACC-OC, AWWA, CSDA, ISDOC, OCBC, SCWC, SWMOA, UWI, and Groundwater Producers; proactively seek opportunities for additional participation
  • Support Board and staff participation in non-governmental associations, as appropriate

Objective C: Accomplish Board’s Water Policy Priorities.

  • Develop the Board’s local and regional water policy priorities
  • Work to achieve the Board’s local and regional water policy priorities

Objective D: Conduct collaborative regional and statewide advocacy on high-priority legislative, regulatory, and policy issues.

  • Engage in high-priority legislative, regulatory, and policy efforts in coordination and cooperation with regional and statewide industry associations, organizations, and other relevant stakeholders, including, but not necessarily limited to: local, regional, state, and national elected officials and their staff and consultants; government relations staff from other agencies; advocacy groups and liaisons; and, other external constituents and groups
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the above-listed audiences, and work to build regional and statewide coalitions and consensus around the Board’s water policy priorities, positions, and legislative platforms
  • Communicate effectively with the above-listed audiences; monitor high-priority legislation, regulatory, and policy trends; and, update the Board on legislative, regulatory, and policy issues of potential impact to Mesa Water and its constituents
  • Outcome 1:

    2018 Policy Positions.

  • Outcome 2:

    2018 Legislative Platforms.

  • Outcome 3:

    Positively influence and be a leader of water issues important to Mesa Water.

  • Outcome 4:

    Increase awareness of Mesa Water in the water industry and community.