Provide outstanding customer service

Strategic Goal #6 - Customer Service

Objective A: Provide outstanding internal and external customer service in a timely, courteous, and effective manner.

  • Encourage and support colleagues and help others find solutions to problems
  • Speak professionally with a positive tone of voice
  • Resolve issue on first point of contact

Objective B: Enhance the customer experience.

  • Update and implement customer service standards
  • Listen carefully to understand the real need of the customer
  • Be empathetic to the customer’s situation
  • Respond to all requests promptly and, when information isn’t immediately available, provide a timeframe for the resolution

Objective C: Measure success.

  • Establish and implement measures of success that ensure continuous improvement
  • Survey customer satisfaction for walk-in and telephone service

Objective D: Continuous improvement and reinforcement.

  • Implement reinforcement system for customer service skills and behaviors
  • Use feedback from customers and the internal organization for continuous process improvement
  • Outcome 1:

    Answer telephone calls in less than 10 seconds (average).

  • Outcome 2:

    Smile and greet customers and colleagues in a warm and friendly manner.

  • Outcome 3:

    Train staff on both universal and function specific standards.

  • Outcome 4:

    Implement monthly metrics report.

  • Outcome 5:

    All staff participates in annual customer service training.

  • Outcome 6:

    Recognize and celebrate the good work of employees.