Increase public awareness about Mesa Water and about water

Strategic Goal #4 - Water Awareness

Objective A: Enhance Mesa Water’s visibility and positive recognition.

  • Facilitate accolades/awards for and from Mesa Water
  • Improve Mesa Water’s news bureau and social media
  • Establish analytics

Objective B: Increase awareness of Mesa Water and of water among key audiences.

  • Manage Mesa Water’s community relations campaign
  • Operate Mesa Water’s water education and ambassador programs
  • Leverage MWRF for outreach opportunities
  • Conduct customer survey

Objective C: Unify Mesa Water messaging and publications.

  • Strengthen Mesa Water’s communications consistency by using one look, one voice
  • Provide Mesa Water Board and staff with key messages and information


  • Outcome 1:

    Create social media plan to grow and measure engagement.

  • Outcome 2:

    Customer survey results.

  • Outcome 3:

    Finalize style guide.