Be financially responsible and transparent

Strategic Goal #3 - Financial Responsibility 

Objective A: Maintain AAA financial goals and meet the appropriate designated fund level goals.

  • Report quarterly on AAA goals and designated funds

Objective B: Maintain competitive rates and efficiency in per capita expenditures.

  • Evaluate true cost of water to the customer compared to benchmark agencies
  • Administer investment portfolio consistent with policies
  • Support rates that are fair, understandable, and prudent for the District’s financial stability and sustainability as a perpetual agency

Objective C: Fund the Board’s and District’s priorities.

  • Prepare a balanced budget that funds Board and District priorities
  • Produce timely and accurate financial reports including Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and State Controller’s Report
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports and accurately projected year end results
  • Conduct accurate and timely monthly close accounting

Objective D: Encompass Financial Responsibility and Transparency.

  • Provide key financial documents on the website
  • Provide Board and staff total compensation, salary, and benefits structure on the website
  • Provide Board meeting agendas, meeting packets, and meeting minutes on the website
  • Prohibit evergreen contracts
  • Develop and operate fraud hotline
  • Outcome 1:

    Meet Board’s annual targets for cash on hand and days cash ratio.

  • Outcome 2:

    Maintain debt service ratio.

  • Outcome 3:

    Comprehensive organizational transparency.