Practice perpetual infrastructure renewal and improvement

Strategic Goal #2 - Water Infrastructure

Objective A: Manage water infrastructure assets to assure reliability.

  • Complete Well Rehabilitation and Automation Construction Project
  • Complete and implement an Asset Management Plan
  • Continue actively managing Pipeline Integrity Testing Program
  • Solicit construction bids for OC-44 Pipeline Rehabilitation Project in FY 2020 Construction
  • Solicit construction bids for new wells and pipeline project in FY 2020

Objective B: Efficiently manage our water system.

  • Develop efficient operational protocols for production distribution and water quality systems, ongoing updates to existing and new
  • Fully utilize Mesa Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and complete asset update and PM’s for new equipment
  • Routinely evaluate operational energy and chemical consumption metrics upon completion of Well Automation Project

Objective C: Manage Mesa Water’s information technology infrastructure assets to assure reliability.

  • Implement Business Process Evaluation
  • Implement Information Technology Master Plan
  • Outcome 1:

    Orderly infrastructure refurbishment and replacement.

  • Outcome 2:

    Fund and implement the 5-year Capital Improvement and Replacement Plan for each fiscal year.

  • Outcome 3:

    Train and fully use Mesa Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System.

  • Outcome 4:

    Implement Business Process Evaluation recommendations.

  • Outcome 5:

    Achieve world class water loss status.

  • Outcome 6:

    Develop and monitor operational energy and chemical tracking tool in Mesa Water’s CMMS.

  • Outcome 7:

    Develop standard operating procedures for operations work.