Provide a safe, abundant, and reliable water supply

Strategic Goal #1 - Water Supply & Reliability 

Objective A: Continue to meet and surpass water quality standards.

  • Meet and surpass primary water quality standards
  • Meet and surpass secondary water quality standards
  • Perform required water quality tests annually
  • Analyze free chlorine conversion study and implement recommendations

Objective B: Maintain and protect a high quality water supply.

  • Efficiently maintain backflow, cross-connection, and recycled water programs to protect the water system from contamination

Objective C: Continue to ensure a reliable and abundant supply of water.

  • Provide a 100 percent local and reliable water supply portfolio
  • Report on our ability to supply 100 percent local water with marginal capacity
  • Complete design of 2 new wells to provide 115% of demand

Objective D: Ensure emergency operations.

  • Conduct regular testing of all backup power and communications systems
  • Evaluate, identify, and implement emergency power plan needs at Operations and Administrative facilities
  • Upgrade Emergency Operations Center equipment and facilities as needed
  • Participate in Regional Emergency Response exercises


  • Outcome 1:

    Meet all water quality standards - in both health and aesthetics.

  • Outcome 2:

    Drought-proof local water supply in all conditions.

  • Outcome 3:

    Maintain the ability to serve 100 percent imported water supply.