Mesa Water Exceeds 1,600 Days of Safe Work with No Lost-time Incidents

Work Safety Program Initiated in 2012 Results in New Record Achievement Approaching 4 ½ Years of No Lost-Time Accidents 

COSTA MESA, Calif. – Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®), a top-performing public water agency, has accomplished the notable milestone of over 1,600 days without a lost-time accident. Due to its robust environmental health and safety program, Mesa Water® has achieved the “gold standard” of safety performance.

over 1600 days safe“Mesa Water’s commitment to safe work practices has resulted in almost four-and-a-half years of no lost-time incidents, thus reducing claims and saving costs for our organization and our customers,” said Mesa Water Board President Jim Atkinson. “With the dedicated efforts of our staff, management team, and Board members, Mesa Water has avoided accidents and injuries while accomplishing the highest safety performance standards.”

In 2014, Mesa Water recognized opportunities for improving its overall safety rating by enhancing its existing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) program. According to regular EHS audits, Mesa Water has received increasingly high marks for its safety policies, practices, training, and recordkeeping. Mesa Water’s most recent audit was conducted in May 2017, resulting in a score of excellence for safety.

“By implementing District-wide safety accountability, education, measurement, reinforcement and rewards, Mesa Water nearly doubled its 2012 safety performance by the end of 2014,” said Mesa Water General Manager Paul E. Shoenberger, P.E. “From 2014 forward, Mesa Water’s safety performance has increased another 20 percent to achieve its current best-in-class level of safety.”

Since 2014, workplace safety experts BSI EHS Services and Solutions has conducted safety audits of 24 required programs at Mesa Water, provided onsite safety training for staff, and ensured proper program implementation. Through training, evaluation and testing, as well as review of new and changing safety and environmental regulations to ensure Mesa Water remains compliant, BSI has supported Mesa Water in its safety successes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Mesa Water is well below the national average for reportable injuries, with less than half the total number of reportable injuries as similar water, sewer, and other utilities throughout the U.S.