Sustainable Landscaping

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rain barrels collect and store rainwater from your rooftop to use later for watering your garden or lawn. Rain barrels can save you money and help keep your garden green during the summer when water is in short supply.
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Living Soils

Soil is alive. And it’s more than just dirt… it’s an essential resource for our landscape’s survival. A healthy soil is crawling with beneficial bacteria and bugs and has a good balance of nutrients.
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Carbon Cycle

Carbon naturally flows through our planet… with sustainable landscaping, you can help keep carbon in the soil and plants, and out of the atmosphere!
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Not just a hole in the ground, but an eye-catching feature in your landscape, bioswales help to reduce storm-water pollution from your home or business.

Sample Landscape Designs

These free landscape design templates can assist homeowners and developers to design and install attractive water-wise landscapes to replace existing water-thirsty landscapes.  The sample designs show appropriate plantings, irrigation, and site elements to envision how water conservation can be accomplished with good design. Sample irrigation schedules and water use estimates are also included.